Sec. Biology - STEM Learning Facilitator at Evolutions
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Certified - Position - Sec. Biology - STEM Learning Facilitator
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Additional Certification Requirements/Endorsements Sec. Biology
Roles and Responsibilites
Evolutions High School: To jumpstart the school's launch, faculty will participate in 10 days of summer planning (grant stipend). These summer planning days will offer an essential opportunity for staff to be involved in pioneering the school's culture and instructional program.

Because roles in small, innovative schools are complex and require tremendous individual and collective effort, applicants must demonstrate experience and/or willingness to commit to the school's mission and become involved in these essential aspects:
*Implement the Summit Curriculum and Summit grading process
*Serve as a mentor to a group of students, including maintaining ongoing communication with parents/guardians and supporting students with goal-setting around academic, social and emotional achievement and growth.
*Use data to group students daily based on learning needs to deliver 1:1 and small group instruction.
*Facilitate independent learning by students through use of online, mastery-based learning programs.
*Participate in professional development such as instructional rounds, teacher common planning time, and collaborative work with staff.
*Work in a start-up organization with a focus on personalized, mastery-based learning and interdisciplinary projects.
*Work within the confines of the PPSD calendar.
*Promote opportunities for student voice and choice.
*Use standards-based grading to diagnose, assess and track student mastery.
*Work carefully and thoughtfully to prepare students for transitions into high school and past graduation (college and career).
*Integrate school theme(s) into your content area and work across content areas.
*Instruct students in academic subject matter as well as social, emotional, and behavioral skill areas.
*Create a safe and supportive learning environment with routines and structures that align with school?s values and promote a school atmosphere and environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of all students.
*Monitor and evaluate student outcomes maintaining appropriate records and following all required procedures and practices, and use that data to guide instructional planning.
*Supervise students in a range of settings; protect and promote the safety and well-being of students, colleagues, equipment, materials and facilities.
*Communicate and interact effectively, appropriately and professionally with students, colleagues, parents and the community.
*Continuously develop and improve teaching practice and support colleagues in their development.
*Support the Principal, building leadership team, and district leadership team.

Additionally, school faculty shall participate in:
*at least two hours a week of posted office hours for students (scheduled at faculty convenience within a range of options)
*weekly school-wide and departmental Common Planning Time meetings with school leader and colleagues
*at least four hours of additional team planning or professional development outside of school day per month (in addition to Common Planning Time)
*at least 10 hours of personalized professional development during the school year
*student-led conferences with each student and his/her family during each semester
*the development of course syllabi to be shared with students and families and individual/small group lesson plans based on student's needs and interests

Highly encouraged activities include:
*Participation and/or supervision of special events, including athletic programs, dances, family nights, open houses, student recruitment meetings, etc.
*at least one Saturday 3-hour tutoring session per semester
Minimum Qualifications
*Fully-certified in secondary Sec. Biology as described in "RIDE requirements" by August 30, 2018 or willingness to become fully certified including on an emergency basis if necessary (fully-certified strongly preferred). Dual certification and/or Secondary Grades English as a Second Language endorsement preferred.
*Dual certification and/or Secondary Grades English as a Second Language endorsement preferred.
*Must demonstrate flexibility, a student-centered perspective, and the ability to effectively cope with change quickly as the school continuously innovates and changes in order to improve.
*Applicants should be hard workers dedicated to youth growth and development, maintain a willingness to embrace and initiate constant learning, and demonstrate an "all hands on deck" attitude to do whatever it takes to accelerate student achievement regardless of role.
*Belief that all students can succeed and be willing to provide a rigorous, personalized learning experience that cultivates students' growth mindset.
*Highly motivated to practice effective collaboration skills with diverse groups.
*Ability to be a warm, caring team player.
*Ability to use and analyze student learning data to continuously adjust instruction for students.
*Ability/Experience in successfully facilitating positive youth development or integration of social-emotional learning in a secondary setting.
*Comfortable working in an innovative setting, willing to test new ideas and adapt well to change.
*Ability to use technology in creative ways and willing to take initiative to adapt technology to promote student learning in innovative ways.
*Specific technical skills, such as:
*Familiarity with the Google Suite of Applications
Willingness and ability to model information, communication, technology, and media literacy for students, colleagues, parents, and community
Willingness and ability to continuously learn, develop and evolve new skills and support colleagues in the development of their skills in all Microsoft Office applications and relevant web applications (e.g., Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Google Apps, Skyward, and online curricula/software)
Communicating student achievement data with students, parents, and families through an online platform.
*Bilingual Spanish preferred.

Must uploaded in PATS profile
The Interview Process Outline can be found at
*Updated Resume
*Cover letter that includes acknowledgment of the candidate?s commitment to the conditions of the position and a detailed description of how the candidate meets the job qualifications
Salary Rate Range Teacher Salary Scale + Grant-Stipend 10 days Summer Planning
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