Special Education Co-Teacher - WES
Gladewater ISD
500 West Quitman
Gladewater, TX 75647
Professional/Certified - Special Education - Teacher - Helping Teacher/Inclusion
Job Number 0000690144
Start Date
Open Date 02/08/2018
Closing Date
Building/Campus Weldon Elementary School
Duty Days 187
Additional Job Information
Co-teaching is a learning environment in which two or more certified professionals share the responsibility of lesson planning, delivery of instruction, and progress monitoring for all students assigned to their classroom. As a team, these professionals share the same physical classroom space, collaboratively make instructional decisions, and share the responsibility of student accountability (Friend, 2008, p. 4). Coteachers share a common belief that each partner has a unique expertise and perspective that enriches the learning experience; together they provide opportunities for students to learn from two or more people who may have different ways of thinking or teaching They work together to achieve common agreed-upon goals.