Community Outreach Liaison
209 N. Water Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
Auxiliary - Position - Other
Job Number 0000688938
Start Date 12/18/2017
Open Date 12/04/2017
Closing Date 07/27/2018


Job Description
Building/Campus Education Service Center, Region 2
Duty Months 9.00
Salary: From 23950.00
Salary: To 29938.00
Salary Type Annually
Additional Job Information
Special knowledge and skills:
-Effective communication skills both oral and written
-Ability to operate computer and office machines
-Ability to work with diverse individuals
-Ability to work with groups of children
-Experience working with diverse individuals
-Experience working with various local, state, and federal government agencies/entities
-Experience working with community outreach programs