Sp. Ed. PK Bilingual Intervention Specialist
Admin Special Education
Providence, RI
Certified - Position - Bil. Sp.Ed. Interv. Specialist
Job Number 0000687747
Start Date
Open Date 12/07/2017
Closing Date 12/21/2017
Additional Certification Requirements/Endorsements ECH PK-2 and ECH PK-2 Sp. Ed. With Bil. End.
Roles and Responsibilites
Collaborate with school and district level staff to continuously improve the academic achievement of students with disabilities.

*Design and deliver research based professional development for teachers in differentiating instruction, IEP development, co-teaching strategies, and the implementation of the RI regulations governing students with disabilities.
*Assist teachers in the preparation, planning, and writing of Individualized Education Programs using RI Early Learning and Development Standards to best meet the needs of students with disabilities
*Serve as a resource in identifying appropriate instructional strategies and interventions of students needing support both academically and behaviorally in the RI process.
*Conduct student assessments that provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of student strengths and needs.
*Interpret and analyze data to complete intervention plans and individualized educational planning and development.
*Assist teachers with the implementation of response to Intervention framework.
*Collaborate with Teacher Support Teams to develop and implement plans to assist struggling learners.
*Attend professional development and specified training to enhance skills.
*Work collaboratively with community and social service agencies to enhance student learning and transition to school.
*Assist teachers in differentiating instruction and planning for lessons when appropriate as well as developing daily schedules/routines.
*Any and all other duties as assigned by special education supervisor/administrator.
*Special Education Specialist will report to directly to the Special Education Director.
Minimum Qualifications
*Master's degree preferred
*A minimum of 5 years of highly successful classroom teaching experience in special education required.
*Courses in Bilingual Education and ESL that will lead to an endorsement
*Demonstrated ability to provide leadership and guidance for the purpose of enabling teachers to improve their practice.
*Knowledge of academic and behavioral interventions
*Knowledge of "teacher as coach" practices (e.g. demonstration lessons, observations, communication skills)
*Knowledge of RI Regulations Governing Students with Disabilities
*Strong oral and written communication skills.
*Knowledge and experience with research-based co-teaching models.
*Knowledge of differentiating instruction and Response to Intervention process.
*Conduct and/or attend professional development sessions after school and during the summer.
*Knowledge of the RI Early Learning and Development Standards
*Knowledge of Common Core Standards
*Knowledge of Implementation and analysis of District assessment tools
*Knowledge of PBIS and its implementation
Salary Rate Range Teacher Salary Scale + 5 extra days
The prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy and childbirth, marital status or any other basis prohibited by law.