PK-12 Psychologist
Lillian Feinstein at Sackett Street
Providence, RI
Certified - Position - PK-12 Psychologist
Job Number 0000683071
Start Date
Open Date 01/18/2018
Closing Date 01/25/2018
Certification Requirements/Endorsements SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST PK-12
Roles and Responsibilites
*Identifies and assesses the learning development and needs of individual and groups of students that affect learning and adjustment.
*Use assessment data regarding the student and his/her environment in developing appropriate interventions and programs;
*Performs psychological assessments of students which includes observations, data collection, interpretation and analysis;
*Prepares interpretive reports from psychological assessment in accordance with District, state, and federal guidelines;
*Provides interventions to students to support the teaching process and to maximize learning and adjustment;
*Participates and leads teams in identifying at-risk students experiencing academic and behavioral difficulty, designing and implementing research-based interventions, and plan progress monitoring components of Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions;
*Provide individual and group interventions services for students, including social skills training and crisis interventions;
*Work closely with teachers and teams to enhance critical skills, including conducting formative assessments, interpreting data, creating intervention plans and making data-based determinations about the efficacy of interventions;
*Provide individual or group psychological support to aid student?s social and academic adjustment as it pertains to assisting students in accessing education;
*Participate in planning and/or implementation of school or district level crisis response teams;
*Lead teams in conducting functional behavioral assessments;
*Provides information, and/or education in the application of learning theory and child development, to school personnel and parents;
*Participate as a member and case manager of the Team of Qualified Professionals and the Individualized education program (IEP) committee contributing evaluation findings, collaborating on the development of the IEP, diagnosing students? eligibility consistent with District, federal and state policies, procedures and regulations;
*Proficient in language of instruction
*Participate in data input services for Medicaid billing, use the web-based IEP system, and participate in the time studies for administrative Medicaid claiming as scheduled;
*Adhere to requirement and state and federal laws regarding students with disabilities, and professional ethics and standards of school psychology;
*Design and assist teams in implementing and monitoring behavior intervention plans for students and make data-based decisions regarding the effectiveness of the plan to meet the social/emotional needs of our students;
*Confer and consult with teachers, staff, families and outside agencies about strategies to facilitate the social and affective needs of students;
*Assist in the implementation of district programs and curriculum to support student behavioral and academic success;
*Assist with the coordination/management of the Team of Qualified Professionals and school-based targeted teams;
*Assist in interpreting outside evaluation such as neuropsychological, clinical psychological and psychiatric assessments as appropriate;
*Provide teacher consultation and in-service training regarding ways to facilitate learning and adjustment for individuals or groups of students;
*Helps provide liaison and coordination between the school system and agencies to facilitate services for students and families;
*Engage in professional development opportunities for school psychologists;
*Performs other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications
*CAGS or Masters or Ph.D degree in School Psychology from an accredited college or university.
*Ability to screen, evaluates, diagnose, counsel, remediate and support students, three to twenty-one years of age.
*Ability to develop and implement appropriate goals and objectives for each individual student.
*Good communication and human relations skills needed in order to implement consultative program with classroom teachers and parents.
*Ability to work effectively and cooperatively as a member of the Team of Qualified Professionals and other school teams to implement administrative policies and procedures.
*Formulate concise clinical reports and maintain complete longitudinal records on each student served.
*Demonstrated proficiency with PC-based computer applications, Microsoft Office applications, email, web applications, and industry specific technology.
Salary Rate Range Teacher Salary Scale
The prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy and childbirth, marital status or any other basis prohibited by law.