Per Diem Sub Child Care Worker
Human Resources
Providence, RI
Substitute - Per Diem Sub Child Care Worker
Job Number 0000662675
Start Date
Open Date 11/01/2017
Closing Date 03/30/2018
Roles and Responsibilites
1. Prepare all specialized equipment, e.g. walkers, helmets, braces, etc. for use by all pupils each day;securing at the close of school day.
2. Assisting children to and from transportation vehicles (especially those that are medically fragile).
3. Assist medically fragile students, in their daily movement, whenever necessary, especially during fire drills, emergencies, changing classes, etc.
4. Provide follow up activities as supervised by the Physical or Occupational Therapists.
5. To assist the school Nurse/Teacher with maintenance regarding correspondence whenever necessary.
6. Will give personal care when needed, in toileting/changing diapers, personal hygiene, and clothing changes, whenever necessary.
7. To take temperature (axillary/orally/rectally) pulse and respiration whenever necessary.
8. Meets safety needs of students by providing necessary assistance to prevent injuries and use of equipment properly, such as walkers, wheelchairs, etc.
9. Emptying, cleaning, and changing of the urinary bags.
10. Assist the students to the bathroom facilities.
11. To instruct students in proper hygiene techniques.
12. Participates in field trips whenever directed.
13. To assume other responsibilities at the direction of the Nurse/Health Administrator.
14. The Child Care Worker will monitor the gastrointestinal feeding tube while it is running and is responsible for closing the valve if the student experiences any symptoms of gastric reflux or gastrointestinal distress, and will immediately notify the School Nurse/Teacher.
15. The Child Care Worker will inform the School Nurse Teacher when a student is required to take any medications. THE CHILD CARE WORKER IS NOT PERMITTED TO DISBURSE ANY MEDICATIONS TO ANY STUDENT.
16. The Child Care Worker will report any medical problems/changes of the students to the School Nurse/Teacher immediately.
17. At the discretion of the building principal and the School Nurse/Teacher, the Child Care Worker will assist with other students as needed.
Minimum Qualifications
1. Successful experience working with medically fragile students.
2. Successful experience working with teachers and parents of medically fragile students.
3. Certificate required by the State Department of Education. (RI STATE CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANT)
The prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy and childbirth, marital status or any other basis prohibited by law.